Final Year Project Ideas, Topics.

Final Year Project Ideas, Topics.

Virtual Exam Controller
Dynamic College Information System & Online Examination
Ultimate Online Jobsite with Intelli Search Engine
Matrimonial and Marriage Information Services Implementation
Online Wedding Tracker, A service Providing Application for a Marriage 
from A to Z Options
Online Shopping with Shopping Cart
Online Auction with Featured Shopping Cart
Online Portfolio Manager Equity Trading & Mutual Funds 

Management Stock / Share Trading 

Materials Management System with Forecasting Implementation 

Ultimate Online Jobsite with Intelli Search Engine 

Matrimonial and Marriage Information Services Implementation 

Online Wedding Tracker, A service Providing Application for a Marriage
 from A to Z Options 

Online Shopping with Shopping Cart 

Online Auction with Featured Shopping Cart 

Intelligent Budget Management System 

Judicial Management System 

Watchdog Software License Monitoring System 

Virtual Exam Controller 

Dynamic College Information System & Online Examination 

Network Traffic Monitoring & Web administration 

Web Administration and Web Information System 

Integrated Internet Monitoring and Messaging System 

Vertical Marketing Implementation - Analyze the Current Market Position 

Online Medi claim insurance policy sales and management system 

Smart Issue Tracking System 

Project Scrutinizer - Project Tracking System 

Project Tracking Tool & It Portfolio Management System 

E Recruitment System - Dynamic Online Professional Recruitment & Mgt System 

E Career and Consultancy Services 

Professional E Banking System - Online Banking Services 

Net Banking with Electronics Fund Transfer 

E health Care - A Strategic Management System 

Web based Tele Medicine and online Health Care Consultation 

Professional Online Doctors Assistant 

Elearning Solution with Testing Engine 

Integrated Business Applications Enterprise Application Integration EAI 

Hospitality & Travel Industry Software Solutions 

HR Appraisal Management System Software Degrees view 

Job Portal with Career Guidance Services, Resume Services and Specialized Search Engine 

Online Affiliate Management 

Online Project Management & Collaboration Plan, Track, Collaborate and
 Manage your Projects Online 

Portfolio of Content Management System 

Intelli Social Networking Portal with Chat and Messaging, Sharing 

Web based Supply Chain Execution, Store Mgt with Customers Relationship Mgt 

Automated Employee Information System 

Automated Faults Tracking System 

ECommerce Implementation with Cart for BC 

Bug Tracker - Comprehensive Bug Tracking & Change Management 

Online Call centre Management Implementation 

Child Care Information System 

Dealership Management System - Dealers Information & Dealings Process Manager 

Distributed Channel Management System 

Distributed Database System Design & Implementation for Online Shopping 

Distributed Information and Reporting System 

Dynamic College Web Portal 

ESales Order Processing 

Employee Profile Management System 

Integrated Financial Accounting System 

Guest Tracker and Hospitality Management System 

Integrated Human Resources Information System HRIS 

HRMS Online Distributed Human Resources Management System 

Online Buy & Sell with secure transactions 

Online Executive Time and Activity Management System 

Online Issue Tracking System Project Management Solutions 

Online Lab management and Results display System 

Online Order Processing System 

Online VRS Vehicle Reservation System 

Online PC Rental System 

Sales and Distribution System 

Virtual Bulletin Board 

A Flexible Privacy Enhanced Location Based Services System Framework and Practice 

Provable Protection against Web Application 

Vulnerabilities related to Session Data Dependencies 

Quiver On The Edge Consistent Scalable Edge Services 

Location based Spatial Queries with Data Sharing in Wireless Broadcast Environments 

On The Computational Complexity and Effectiveness of NHub ShortestPath Routing 

Benefit Based Data Caching in Ad Hoc Networks 

ESecure Transactions Secure Electronic Data Interchange over Internet 

E Logistics for Warehouse Management-Implementation of Authenticated and 
Dynamic Logistics Support System & management 

Defect Tracking Tool A Software Defect Report and Tracking System in an Intranet 

Distributed Data Mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection 

Water Marking Relational Database using Optimization based Techniques 

Distributed Component Router based Supply Chain Management-SCM 

Distributed Component Router based CRM-Customer Relationship Management 

E-Mail Security and Administration 

E-Governance Management Design & Implementation 

ERP Application Integrated Enterprise Solutions with Strategic Advantages 

Integrated & Distributed Enterprise Resource Planning with Customer Relationship Management Support 

Dynamic University Linking & Data Integrity Maintenance 

Resume Cruiser 

Property Management System, Propertybiz Design & Build Requirements 

BC Application, online Shopping with Cart 

BB Application, online Shopping with Cart 

Network Document Management and Versioning System 

Document Archival Management System Electronic Archival Design

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